How Many Centimeters in a Kilometer?

How Many Centimeters in a Kilometer?

Centimeter and kilometer both are units of measuring lengths. Sometimes you need to convert them according to convenience. Many math problems require this question: How Many Centimeters in a Kilometer?
Checking, again and again, makes you lose a lot of time and energy. It’s easier to remember the relationship between them just to make everything easier.

1 kilometer is equal to 100000 centimeters.

This conversion is not calculated directly. Instead, kilometers are converted to meters first. Then the meter is converted into centimeters. The centimeter is smaller than the meter and the meter is smaller than a kilometer.
1 kilometer = 1000 meters
1 meter = 100 centimeters
1 kilometer = 1000 * 100 centimeter = 100000 centimeters
If you don’t want to know the meter conversion, it’s okay too. You can just memorize the kilometer-to-centimeter conversion.

If you wish to calculate any number from kilometer to centimeter, you just have to multiply the number with 100000.

How Many Centimeters in a Kilometer?

One kilometer is equal to 100000 centimeter:
1km = 1km×100000 = 100000cm
The centimeter is a smaller unit for measuring length. Kilometer and centimeter both are widely used to measure lengths. The bigger the length, the bigger the unit.

For example, if you’re measuring road lengths you will want to use kilometers because it makes the number smaller as it is a bigger unit. On the other hand, if you’re measuring something small, let’s say, for example, a pencil or pen, a kilometer will be a very big unit for that. You can make it easier by breaking down the unit into centimeters.

Isn’t it easier to say ‘The pencil is 20 centimeters long’ than saying ‘The pencil is 0.0002 kilometers long’?
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