What Comes After a Trillion?

What Comes After a Trillion?

It’s obvious for you not to know about numbers with much higher value because you don’t need them in your day-to-day life.

If you take one second to count a dollar, it will take you 31.5 years to finish counting one billion dollars. The government spends more than billions per day. That kind of situation requires bigger units to express the amount of money.

If you start with a million that has 6 zeros, next comes a billion with 9 zeros. A trillion has 12 zeros, after which, comes a quadrillion. A quadrillion has fifteen zeros i.e. 1015.

A quadrillion is equivalent to a thousand trillion. There is also the quintillion after quadrillion and then sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, and decillion.

The word ‘illion’ comes from the Latin word ‘mille’ which means ‘thousand’

So all words with –illion can be expressed as the power of thousand.

One million is one thousand to the power of 3. One thousand multiplied by one million is equal to one billion.

One billion multiplied by 1000 is one trillion. One trillion multiplied by 1000 is one quadrillion, and so on.

One thousand = 103

One million = 106

One billion = 109

One trillion = 1012

One quadrillion = 1015

One quintillion = 1018

One sextillion = 1021

One septillion = 1024

One octillion = 1027

One nonillion = 1030

One decillion = 1033

One of the largest numbers ever mentioned is Google. A googol is equal to 10100.

Large numbers are fascinating to be familiar with. You get to know the names the average person is unaware of. The issue is also one of those that are always evolving. New numbers are always being discovered with new names for the sake of necessity.

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