Top 10 foods and fruits high in vitamin C

Top 10 foods and fruits high in vitamin C

Vitamin C is a must if you want to lead a healthy life. You may suffer from Vitamin C deficiency, and your doctor may tell you to take vitamin C supplements for that. But you should go for natural foods and fruits high in vitamin C instead of artificial supplements like tablets, capsules, or powders.

There is nothing to worry about at all! In this blog post, we will show you a list of the top 10 foods and fruits high in vitamin C.. Let’s see them at a glance:

Benefits of Vitamin C

According to many experts, vitamin C is one of the most effective and safest nutrients. It has many benefits, such as preventing skin wrinkling, eye disease, prenatal health problems, cardiovascular disease, common cold, and improves the immune system. Therefore, you should always try to recover if your body has a vitamin C deficiency. You can easily do that by taking foods and fruits high in vitamin C.

Which foods are high in vitamin C?

Vitamin C rich foods can be an ideal solution to recover your C vitamin deficiency. Firstly, we always recommend you take natural supplements rather than artificial ones, such as powder or capsules. Below, we have made a list of the top 5 foods high in Vitamin C. Let’s have a look:

  • Green Chili Peppers

As a health-conscious person, you should rely on natural sources of vitamin C. Green Chili Peppers are that kind. Can you imagine – a green chili pepper provides 109 mg of vitamin C? Red chili peppers are also helpful, but you will get less than the green ones. Apart from that, they are high in capsaicin that helps you lessen inflammation and pain. On the other hand, red chili peppers can reduce your body fat if you take it systematically!

  • Mustard Spinach

Another remarkable and the best source of vitamin C is mustard spinach. You can take it by either chopping or cooking, though the cooked one provides less vitamin C than the chopped ones. For example – one cup of cooked mustard spinach gives 117 mg of vitamin C; on the other hand, the same serving of it provides 195 mg of vitamin C! Moreover, it is rich in folate, fiber, manganese, calcium, potassium, and vitamin A.

  • Kale

Kale is a delicious vegetable. This vitamin C food can be taken by cooking or chopping. A cup of the chopped one provides 80 mg of vitamin C, while the same serving of the cooked one offers 53 mg. It is also packed with zeaxanthin, carotenoids lutein, vitamin K, and a high amount of antioxidants.

  • Kiwis

If you are searching for good sources of vitamin C, Kiwis can be the ideal choice in this regard. Incredible! You can get 71 mg of vitamin C from a medium kiwi! The food develops your immunity, lowers your cholesterol levels, and decreases your oxidative stress. Also, it is a great food that lessens blood clots and strokes! I think you will not make a mistake if you add it to your vitamin C food chart.

  • Broccoli

Broccoli is a delicious vegetable that gives you a high amount of vitamin C. Surprisingly, you can get 51 mg of it from a half cup of cooked broccoli. The vegetable is also remarkable for decreasing heart disease, cancer, oxidative stress, and improving immunity. Your food list will remain incomplete if you don’t include it on there.

Which fruits are high in vitamin C?

Fruits high in vitamin C can exceptionally help you recover from vitamin C deficiency in your body. That is why for your help, we have made a list of the top 5 fruits high in vitamin C in the following. Let’s introduce you to them.

  • Lemon

Lemons are unusually helpful for health. They are great for fighting against scurvy. One can get 83 mg of vitamin C from a lemon. Lemon juice is tasty and full of antioxidants. That is why it can work against various diseases. And of course, it’s great for losing body weight. Therefore, you can include this fruit on your list without thinking twice.

  • Lychee

Isn’t lychee a tasty fruit? Yes, on the one hand, it’s delicious, and on the other hand, packed with vitamin C. You can get 7 mg of vitamin C from one lychee. At the same time, the fruit is packed with omega-3 and 6-fatty acids. Hence, it helps your blood, heart, and brain vessels to work efficiently. And those who take lychee regularly have less possibility of stroke. How helpful, that is!

  • Kakadu Plum

Do you want something that provides 100 times more vitamin C than an orange? Kakadu Plum is the fruit I was talking about! Amazingly, 100 grams of the fruit offers nearly 5,300 mg of vitamin C! Can you believe that? Similarly, the fruit is also rich in antioxidants lutein, E vitamins, and potassium! Surprisingly, the antioxidant lutein it includes is highly beneficial for eye health. That is why you should not go beyond the fruit if you want to get the highest amount of vitamin C.

  • Papaya

Papaya is a fruit high in vitamin C. Fortunately, you can use unripe papaya as a vegetable, too! However, a cup of ripe papaya contains 87 mg of vitamin C! For this reason, the fruit is excellent for your brain and memory as well. And it has been proved that papaya is much helpful for mild Alzheimer’s disease! It reduces oxidative stress and inflammation. Then what? Won’t you include this inexpensive fruit on your list?

  • Orange

Orange is the most popular fruit for vitamin C. Without any doubt, you can get 70 mg of vitamin C from a medium-sized orange! At the same time, orange is an edible fruit for serving guests. Honestly, this inexpensive fruit can balance your vitamin C deficiency with ease!

The conclusion

Natural foods and fruits high in vitamin C are healthy choices for you. They are inexpensive and can be found near your hands. The advantage is that you can take them as much as you can. But when you try tablets, capsules, or powders, you have to fix the dose and not take them according to your wish.

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