Top 10 foods and fruits high in potassium 2022

Top 10 foods and fruits high in potassium

Your doctor may suggest you take potassium-rich foods to increase the potassium level in your body. In that case, what are you thinking? Are you facing difficulties in finding them? Don’t be disappointed! We have a solution for you! Today, we will show you a list of top 10 foods and fruits. If you take them systematically, you need not think about your potassium deficiency at all. Let’s have a look:

Benefits of potassium

Do you know how much potassium per day you need? Yes, dear, your body needs a minimum of 100 mg of potassium in a day to function well. It lessens the mortality rate. Also, it helps you reduce kidney stone formation, store the mineral density, develop muscles, control blood pressure, and lower the possibility of stroke.

That is why to keep your body fit, you have to take sufficient potassium daily. You can easily increase your potassium intake by taking foods high in potassium. Certainly, high potassium foods avoid various types of health hazards!

Which foods are high in potassium?

You will easily get potassium-rich foods on the market. But we are providing a list of top 5 foods for your help. Let’s introduce you to them:


Potatoes are some of the highest potassium foods found on the market. Though many experts don’t regard white potatoes as a high-nutritional vegetable, they are full of potassium. Sometimes, some experts want to consider white potatoes as the best potassium source. But the idea may vary from person to person.

Potassium is mostly found in the flesh, but the skin also contains one-third! That is why you can cook it without unpeeling. Hence, it helps you get the maximum amount. Sweet potatoes are also great! Moreover, all kinds of potatoes contain manganese, vitamin C, and vitamin B6.


Spinach is a vegetable and a high-potassium diet. This one also abounds with nutrition. Honestly, 180 grams of spinach can give you 18% of the reference daily intake (RDI) for potassium. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin B, protein, and antioxidants. These components are highly essential for the immune system, bone health, vision health, and metabolism.

But it does not mean that you have to avoid foods low in potassium. Of course, they may have other vitamins and minerals.


Beets are vegetables with deep red roots. This potassium food is extremely helpful for your body. 518 mg of potassium can be found in 170 grams of beets! Can you imagine that? Also, it contains manganese, folate, nitrates, and antioxidants. Nitrates are helpful for exercise performance, high blood pressure, and blood vessel function. And antioxidants fight inflammation. That is why you can easily add this one to your list.

Swiss Chard

Certainly, you may have heard the name leafy green vegetables. Swiss chard is that type with yellow or red stalks. It’s full of nutrients. 175 grams of the food can give up to 21% of the reference daily intakes for potassium. Moreover, it gives you vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, manganese, and iron. Therefore, you can add it to your list without thinking twice!


Parsnips are a kind of vegetable with white roots. They are almost similar to carrots! This vegetable is extremely healthy and full of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it’s a potassium-rich food and brings many blessings to your health. Surprisingly, one can easily get 572 mg of potassium from 156 grams of parsnips. Furthermore, you will get folate, vitamin C, and soluble fiber.

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Which fruits are high in potassium?

You will get a variety of potassium-rich fruits out there. But you need not take the load. We are trying to make things easier for you! Let’s talk about the top 5 fruits rich in potassium


Avocado is a tasty fruit full of nutrition. But is there any potassium in an avocado? What do you think? Yes, certainly. Listen, avocado potassium is highly suitable for health. It also contains pantothenic acid, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, antioxidants, and fiber! Avocado is unusually good for metabolic syndrome, weight management, and heart health.


Do you know how much potassium is in a banana? You will be amazed after hearing it! 422 mg from a medium-sized! Aren’t you surprised? Plus, it provides antioxidants, fiber, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. You can easily get banana potassium because it’s available and cheap! You will not be wrong if you add it to your food list.

Oranges and Orange Juice

You know, oranges are the storehouse of nutrients. It is not expensive as well. That is why you can eat this potassium-enriched fruit regularly. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, antioxidants, and thiamine. Plus, it reduces heart disease, inflammation, and increases energy to fight against free radicals! Do you want more?

Dried apricots

Apricot is a kind of bright orange. You can take it raw or dried. But dried ones contain more potassium than raw or fresh ones. You will tremble with wonder when you hear about its potassium levels. 1101 mg of potassium can be found in only a half cup of dried apricots! Can you imagine that?


This fruit is also high in potassium. It has other nutritional values, too! Moreover, it’s inexpensive and easy to find! This one could be a great item on your list.

The conclusion

You may find it difficult to eat all the foods and fruits stated above. Don’t worry. You can select some of them from here. But don’t forget to maintain the consistency. We guarantee these foods and fruits will easily refill your potassium deficiency.

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