How to lose weight by cycling?

How to lose weight by cycling?


Do you want to enjoy a healthy life and keep yourself fit at all times? If your answer is yes, then regular exercise is one of the most important tasks for you. Various studies have shown that people who exercise regularly lead a better and healthier lifestyle.

Are you interested in regular exercise? Cycling can be a great and great solution for you if you are interested. If you can spend some time everyday cycling, you will easily be able to keep yourself fit. This is a great option for you, especially if you want to lose weight.

Do you know how to lose weight by cycling? If you don’t know, we can help you. For your convenience, here we will discuss how to lose weight by cycling. So, let’s get started with it.


Basic Concept on how to lose weight by cycling

Anyone who begins to ride a bicycle will do it for  reasons that may be different from one person to another. But in any case, there is something that applies to everyone equally, and that is that it improves health significantly.

The problem is that many cyclists who are just starting as they feel good about exercising are overdoing it, and this backfires on weight loss.

This is so because although the more magnificent the caloric wear Then it is understood that the higher the weight loss will be.

One of the mistakes that is usually made is eating without considering how much is eaten and what is eaten.

Often, you usually eat more calories than you spend, and weight loss does not manifest itself. In some cases, what you see is an increase in weight.

To obtain the best results in this field of practicing cycling, it is imperative to take care of nutrition and stay healthy to be able to ride a bicycle in the best and most profound way possible.

Always have a good breakfast.

First, you have to have a good breakfast before going out to ride a bicycle. This starts the metabolism, and there are two main consequences of this.

Firstly, it is possible to incorporate the energy and nutrients that will be consumed during the activity.

Secondly, it is possible to make the body consume fat once this fuel begins to run out. It avoids an unwanted effect that is natural when the metabolism is not optimal, fat storage.

Don’t wear too warm dresses.

The second point to consider is not to dress too warmly with the goal or the idea of ​​sweating more aeatingus fat,ing more fat since this does not work this way.

The big problem with this is that in the first instance, a loss of weight is noticed, but this loss is the product of the elimination of liquids that consequently can lead to dehydration.

Bundling up and sweating does not directly burn fat, but the fluid is lost as an immediate result. It is best to carry out the activity conscientiously and frequently to eliminate fats, but always keep in mind consuming liquids.

There are also delicious sports drinks that provide sugars (energy) and salts (that retain liquids).

These are the two main points for achieving weight loss in cycling, although several other locations are of equal importance.

The important thing is to be clear about losing weight. There are no magic solutions or immediate solutions.

But rather than losing weight is the result of cycling frequently and with considerable intensity.

It is, in a way that represents effort, but does not reach to be somewhat excessive. You can do it by complementing physical work with proper nutrition. The result is much-desired weight loss.

Now, let’s look at some essential factors and see how to lose weight by cycling:


There is a heart rate at which the body burns fat more effectively. This range is between 60 and 75% of our maximum pulse.

You are so using a component that allows you to measure your frequency while cycling can be very valuable.

Because by pedaling with a good rhythm without exceeding this level, we can lower our body fat percentage without losing muscle levels.

If you overcome it, your body will begin to use a higher proportion of other energy sources.

A simple rule that you can use to balance your training intensity is 80/20, exercising 80% of the time with low power and the remaining 20% ​​with moderate to vigorous intensity.

With this rule, you can reserve energy to maximize  effort at the end of your exercise. But it’s not an easy thing to do.

You have to be at your best patience to do it to perfection. Don’t lose hope. It’s not impossible!

Training intensity

Regarding the duration, the medium-depth training on mountain bikes is ideal for keeping the weight controlled since, from the third hour of effort, our fuel will be fat.

Cycling allows you to extend exercise time relatively quickly compared to other sports. For example, some people prefer to lose weight by going for a run because caloric intakes are higher in less time.

However, a half-bottom workout can be quite bearable and with little risk of injury. You can try your best to avoid this kind of damage because it can hurt you a lot in the longer run.

Healthy diet

We can not omit the care of food, because, like in any other sports discipline, MTB has its rules for proper nutrition. Moreover, it is also becoming prevalent among athletes nowadays.

Carbohydrates are essential in this aspect, which for many, is an excellent fuel. For others, it could also become the cause of our overweight.

So, what can you do? You can reduce eating carbohydrates or try to eliminate it from your diet. If you can’t, then try to eat as little as you can.

You should ingest these types of nutrients in the morning or at noon; avoid them at night unless the training has been very hard, or close to a competition requiring well-loaded energy reserves.

Interval training

To finish, we want to propose interval training. It is an option that you could use to reduce belly fat. High-intensity workouts are effective at reducing abdominal fat, and you can do it like this:

⦁ Warm-up for 10 to 15 minutes by bike at a moderate pace.

⦁ Increase effort and pedal hard.

⦁ Reduce speed, and keep a smooth rhythm for 2 to 3 minutes.

⦁ Increase your effort again with a duration between 45 and 60 seconds.

⦁ Lower the intensity again, this time for a minute.

⦁ Repeat this sequence about five times, increasing repetitions according to your sensations.

Final Thoughts:

You have already got a complete idea about how to lose weight through cycling through our article. So why delay, spend a certain amount of time  cycling and keep your weight under control. Hopefully, this small effort of ours will be helpful to all of you.

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