How Many Zeros In A Million?

How Many Zeros In A Million?

A million has 6 zeros behind its 1. In other words, a million is 10 with a power of six (106).

1 million = 106 = 1,000,000

If expressed in thousands, a million is a thousand.

1 million = 1 thousand * 1 thousand = 1,000,000

Another way to remember is that one thousand has 3 zeros, so, a thousand will have 6 zeros.

One thousand, million, billion, and trillion increases their zero by three. Meaning that, where one thousand has three zeros, a million has six, a billion has nine, and a trillion has twelve zeros.


A table for reference is given.

A Thousand103Three zerosA Million106Six zerosA Billion109Nine zerosA Trillion1012Twelve zeros

The number zero is very crucial to values. One less zero or one more zero can make a huge difference to a whole calculation.

Especially regarding money, the amount is always a sensitive matter. Everyone should know the exact amount of units. In this case, how many zeros to put according to the unit.

If you lack one zero from a million; you have got yourself a loss of nine hundred thousand.

It’s important to keep track of the calculations and it’s crucial to know the comparisons and conversions as well.

Speaking of conversions, there are one thousand in a million, one thousand million in a billion and one thousand billion in a trillion. This goes on and on.

To start from the beginning,

Ten has one zero, one hundred has two, thousand has three, ten thousand has four zeros, one hundred thousand has five, and finally one million has six zeros.

Next time hopefully you will not get lost counting the zeros in a million.

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