How Many Zeros in a Gazillion?

How Many Zeros in a Gazillion?

A gazillion is not exactly defined by the number of zeros it has. Because a gazillion is considered an indefinite number. Every source defines a gazillion as a very large number that is yet unspecified by numbers.

The word is more of an expression when you want to express something that is huge or extremely high in number. For example, ‘I have told you a gazillion times not to do this.’

Some people think that ‘gaz’ originated from a word that meant the earth.

Gazillion is a word that sounds like it’s a number, but it is not. It’s a descriptive word. In other words, it’s a made-up word that sounds like it’s a number because it has a tone to it, like millions, billions, trillions, etc. which are numbers .

Although it’s a made-up word that has nothing to do with a specific number, it is defined by the dictionary. The word is used to refer to a very large number which is of course unspecified. There are also other made-up words like a gazillion. Such as zillion.

Whenever you wonder about the number of zeros a gazillion has, keep in mind that you are asking the wrong question. The question should be, what is a gazillion?

What does the word gazillion mean?

If anyone asks you that question, tell them it’s not a specific number. It’s a descriptive word in the dictionary that is used for indicating an extremely large number.

The word may sound like a real number like others, but it’s only a fancy word for expressing an indefinitely large quantity.

Some examples are given below as uses of the word gazillion.

  • You invited a gazillion people to the ceremony.
  • That’s not gonna happen in a gazillion years.

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