How Many Milliliters in a Liter?

How Many Milliliters in a Liter?

How Many Milliliters in a Liter?

If you wish to calculate any amount expressed in liters to milliliters, you will have to multiply the number by 1000. Likewise, if you wish to convert any amount from milliliter to liter, you will have to divide the number by 1000.

Let’s say, you wish to know how many milliliters are there in 10 liters. The answer will be-

10 liters = 10 * 1000 milliliters = 10000 milliliters

Using the same basic equation, if you wish to know how many liters are there in 150000 milliliters, the answer would be-

150000 milliliters = 150000/ 1000 liters = 150 liters

Some of the common conversions often used between liters and milliliters are given below.

  • 125 mL = 1/8 Liter
  • 250 mL = ¼ Liter
  • 500 mL = ½ Liter

Also, a table is given below to understand the conversion better.



You might be wondering why there are different units for measuring the same thing. The reason is to create a convenient system of calculation. When the numbers are big, they are converted into larger units to make the numbers smaller and make the equation easier.

You will see measurements like 250 mL milk, 500 mL juice, 750 mL water, etc. The reason that the unit ‘liter’ is not used here is that it will make the numbers fractional instead of integers.

Different units make it easier to understand and calculate various volumes of liquids.

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